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Chris Frazier was born in Washington DC in 1967. By the time he was three years old he was turning the plastic wastebaskets over and playing along to stones records with wooden spoons he stole from the kitchen. Seeing his propensity towards banging on things his mother gave him his first drum kit at the age of five. Coming from a musically active family he was exposed to many forms of music and began playing professionally at the age of ten. He performed at high school dances, parties and sometimes a club if he could get away with it. His mother was a folk singer in the Massachusetts area so he traveled around with her while she sang in clubs, which primed him for life on the road. Though junior high and high school he participated in concert band and jazz band as well as performing his own music. At Central high school He won wyoming state Best Dum Solo while performing Malaga by Stan Kenton. He went to Colorado University on a partial music scholarship and attended for two years until deciding to try out L.A.


Arriving in Los Angeles and looking for work, he answered adds in the music connection. He scored an audition with Steve Vai who was producing a project and eventually began working with Steve on his various projects. Chris recorded drums on Steve's CD's spanning from 1985 to 2000 including Flexable , Passion & Warfare , Firegarden and Living In An Ultra World as well as other compilations. Chris performed on critically acclaimed songs like Attitude Song , Erotic Nightmares and Blue Powder . Chris also toured extensively with Steve from 1992-2001 opening for Bon Jovi in 1992 to headlining the White Nights festival in Russia in '93 as well as multiple trips to Japan, South America and Europe.


In 1989 Chris was hired to perform on a record for Warner brothers entitled Private Life, A pet project of Ed Van Halen's and Ted Templeman. The record failed unfortunately but Chris was hired again by Ted for other various recordings like Wayne's World Soundtrack , Gremlins2 Soundtrack and Tia Carrera's solo effort.


The studio work was stimulating and sometimes making ends meet but Chris was more drawn to his dream of being in a band and touring and ultimately being creative without restrictions or boundaries. An opportunity came to work with Tribe after tribe, a South African band based in L.A. The band had an alternative/world approach to their music requiring a drummer with more percussive influences. Chris worked with the band from 90-93,performing on Love Under Will (Megaforce/Atlantic rec.) and toured America and Europe opening for Pearl jam and Saigon kick. As stimulating and musically fulfilling, as the band was it was at odds with the big machine. The record company filed Bankruptcy and the management was not far behind. The band wasn't an overnight success and couldn't survive the support team crumbling around it. Bummer.


After the split with Tribe after Tribe, Chris supported himself with studio work such as Michael Sadler (SAGA) Clear and Speak No Evil Welcome To The Downside. Most notably he performed on That Thing You Do soundtrack. Chris played on the title song as well as She Knows It, Shrimp Shack, Drive Faster and a bugaloo solo featured in the film. Chris was asked by Tom Hanks to be a continuity consultant during shooting to make sure the drumming looked genuine.


Chris co-produced and performed on two instrumental CDs with Doug Aldrich. Doug is a fiery guitarist with the same interests in rock and jazz from the 70s. High Centered produced by Andy Johns is a exploration in soundscapes derivative of zeppelin to Hendrix while Electrovision is more Mahavishnu/Beck influenced. Both on Pony canyon/Japan. Chris and Doug would later go on to record and tour together for various projects like Burning Rain, Sera Masanori, Tiffany and most notably Whitesnake.


Chris played on Sera Masanori's new CD entitled Twist Songs and performed with Sera for two exclusive Japan shows in October 2003. Also performing in that lineup was Marty Friedman, Doug Aldrich and Roy Z.


Chris performed on Edgar Winter's jazz CD entitled Jazzin' The Blues. Chris has toured extensively through out the US, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe with Edgar 1992-2008. Chris is featured on the live DVD Edgar Winter Live At The Galaxy and Edgar Winter Live At The Royal Albert hall.


Chris toured Japan in 2004 with TMG which stands for Tak Matsumoto group .The lineup is: Tak Matsumoto - guitarist and songwriter of The Bz, Eric Martin - singer of Mr. Big, Jack blades - bassist and songwriter from Night Ranger and Chris on drums. The 2 month tour took the band to every city with a large capacity venue in Japan and was sold out nearly every night. Chris is featured on the live TMG cd Dodge The Bullet.


Chris Performed with Blues powerhouse Eric Sardinas through out Europe, UK and the US 1999-2011 as well as performed on his cds Black Pearls (2003) and recent release Sticks and Stones(2011) and again an extensive tour of Europe and America from 2011-2012.


Chris has also toured extensively with hit maker legend Eddie Money 2003-2007. Chris has also performed on numerous songs including recently released Soldier song.


Chris has toured extensively with Whitesnake all over the globe between 2007-2009 and performed all drums on Good To Be Bad released in 2008.


Chris currently tours with the supergroup Foreigner.

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